New track is band at the top of their game

A Bedfordshire band has its eye on the big time.

Wednesday, 20th July 2016, 2:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th July 2016, 3:33 pm

The four man band Harripaul, with players from Sandy, Langford and Luton is headlining the Reason2Rock festival for the third time in Dunstable on August 27 and also has a new single out.

Made up of Jean Harripaul, the songwriter, vocalist, and guitarists, Charles Bender on drums, Paul Linker the bassist and Avi Ben Ezra on keyboard, their latest work ‘Living In This World’ is, the band believes, its best yet.

Written by Jean, he describes as “from the eyes of someone looking in, feeling helpless and questioning whythere is devastation all around them.”

The track showcases the group on top of their game, with a renowned sense of confidence and maturity running throughout as the song addresses more worldly themes, skilfully backed by a full realised rock sound.

Growing up on a diet of eclectic musical influences including Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and The Skids, Jean found his love for the guitar and it became his go to outlet for expression.

Forming his own playing style inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler and JohnMcGeoch, Jean began to find work as a session guitarist for various groups throughout the 90’s, whilst working on his ever-improving solo material.

With his hard work culminating in two successful singles ‘Cover Girl’ and ‘Memories Of A Golden Dream’, Jean continued to land various supporting slots before deciding to extend upon his talents with the help of a full band line-up now simply titled Harripaul.

With the addition of bassist Paul Linke, keyboardist Avi Ben Ezra and drummer Charles Bender – already established and experienced musicians – Harripaul became a fully fledged and well rounded project.

The result was the 2012 album ‘Swings and Roundabouts’, which showcased the band’s mix of soulful rock music that highlights Jean’s breath taking voice and inspiring guitar playing.

The band touches effortlessly on every influence, from Reggae to R&B to soulful rock.

You can find the group’s latest work in YouTube.