OAP ‘mowed down’ by mobility scooter in Dunstable


A daughter has expressed her fury after her 87-year-old father was mowed down by a “callous” pensioner on a mobility scooter in Dunstable.

The elderly man was out walking in High Street North on September 12 and was injured while passing the pedestrian crossing between Santander and Burger King.

The mobility scooter was travelling closely behind the man, who was himself walking with a zimmer frame, and knocked him to the ground.

To free himself, the driver then reversed over the injured man’s ankle, breaking it in two places before fleeing the scene.

His daughter told the Gazette: “A kind lady and man assisted my father, rang the ambulance and covered him with coats and stayed with him until the ambulance arrived.

“The mobility driver did not stop and drove off.”

Of the driver, she added: “It was a callous act and showed a total lack of responsibility.

“As a result, my father spent nearly three weeks in hospital and is now in a nursing home for rehabilitation because of loss of independence.”

Bedfordshire Police is investigating the incident although issues with “unfavourable” CCTV have apparently caused a significant delay.

There is nothing specific in legislation to prosecute a mobility scooter user for driving irresponsibly and there is a question mark about what action police can take.

An office spokesman for MP Andrew Selous said: “I can confirm that we wrote on the lady’s behalf to both Bedfordshire Police and Central Bedfordshire Council regarding the very distressing accident to her father.

“The police are investigating the matter but unfortunately the Central Bedfordshire Council CCTV cameras in the High Street near the Santander Bank where the accident happened were pointed away at the time the incident took place.”

In the meantime, the man’s daughter has been left questioning the safety issues of mobility scooters on pedestrians.

She said: “In my opinion, mobility scooters should be fitted with bells or hooters, licensed or have number plates so that irresponsible drivers can easily be identified.”