Elvis impersonator ‘gutted’ at loss of jumpsuit in Dunstable

The stolen jumpsuit; (right) seen on Lee Memphis King
The stolen jumpsuit; (right) seen on Lee Memphis King

Britian’s premier Elvis impersonator was left “gutted” after his rhinestone-studded jumpsuit was lost after an appearance in Dunstable last week.

Lee Memphis King – a leading lookalike of “The King” – was at The Grove Theatre performing a medley of hits last Friday.

While packing props and costumes in the car afterwards, King and manager Jill Schoonjans believe one of the carriers containing the suits was accidentally left behind.

After realising the suit was missing, they urgently contacted The Grove Theatre but the carrier had already vanished into thin air.

King told the Gazette: “We were at the secure compound at the back of the venue. We were loading the car and it sounds like it might have been left at the loading area.

“It’s completely useless to anybody else because it’s made for me.

“I’m gutted that nobody’s handed it in. It’s the most common thing in the world for musicians to leave things behind on tour, especially when it’s dark. But it’s the first time for me.”

The suit is valued at around £2,000 and is custom-made for Lee Memphis King. Hand crafted in America, it is made by the same costumier who designed outfits for Elvis in his later years.

King added: “I’m thinking maybe a reward if anyone’s got a conscience and hands it back.”

His manager Jill Schoonjans said they were desperate to get the suit back.

She said: “We believe that the suit went missing sometime during the load out or was accidentally left behind during a very wet and windy frantic load out process.

“From there, it is possible that someone picked it up because they liked the look of the suit carrier it was in.

“It was only when we got to the next venue that we realised one of the outfits was missing.

“It’s handmade and took about nine months to make.It’s a really personal item so Lee is devastated.”

>Anyone with information about the missing suit is asked to email manager Jill Schoonjans at JillSchoonjans@hotmail.com.