Nifty Dunstable business gets Channel 4 spotlight

Vicky Harris
Vicky Harris

A Dunstable tattoo parlour has earned its claim to fame after appearing on national TV.

Nifty’s Tattoo Studio, High Street South, was put in the limelight in an episode of Bodyshockers on Channel 4 on Wednesday January 28.

Vicky Harris performs the 'ear scalpelling' procedure

Vicky Harris performs the 'ear scalpelling' procedure

The show focuses on the extreme, gruesome and terrifying culture of body modification.

The episode followed Georgina Sell, 21, and her journey into the extreme as she went under the knife for an anaesthetic-free procedure known as ‘ear scalpelling’.

Paul Hughes, 32, the owner of Nifty’s, said: “You usually stretch with one or two millimetres each time, but scalpelling lets you go bigger.

“It’s basically the cheats’ way of ear stretching.”

Despite a brief surge in customers on Saturday, Nifty’s has yet to see an increase in body modification demands.

Vicky Harris, 30, Georgina‘s friend and Nifty’s piercing and modification specialist, performed the scalpelling.

With Georgina looking to jump straight from 22mm to whopping 40mm stretcher, the initial scalpelling came to an even bloodier and more painful conclusion than usual.

Despite the inability to squeeze the stretcher, Vicky revealed it’s part of the job.

“It’s human nature with these things really, but not something that happens too regularly,” she said.

“It wouldn’t go in first time, so it was pointless causing further trauma to the ear. But it’s all sorted now.”

Vicky, who appeared briefly on the show’s previous series, was approached by Channel 4 after they saw her Facebook page, and hopes to get the opportunity to appear on Channel 4 again.

Nifty’s offers customers the opportunity to have a range of body transformations, from the most basic piercings and tattoos to some more outlandish procedures, such as ‘suspension’.

Paul said: “Suspension is literally where you bang two great big meat hooks into you and have them left there.”