Washing pants heats up village in mid-winter

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A new open-air laundrette in Toddington has already seen a bit of ‘action’ after starring in a Youtube music video.

The video, inspired by the 1980s Levi’s jeans advert, sees a man bracing the cold winter weather in just his boxer shorts to wash his jeans and t-shirt.

The laundrette was erected on Thursday January 29, causing outrage to some villagers who branded it as an “eyesore” and inconvenience.

However, Alan Higgs and Dave Ward, of the Toddington Community Facebook page, jumped at the opportunity to poke some light-hearted fun with the village’s newest installation.

Alan said: “It was a surprise to us all as no one was aware this laundrette was coming.

“There were quickly about 45 comments online, some loving the idea as we lost our laundrette down the High Street some years ago but some being appalled, complaining about eyesore, parking.

“One of our admins, Alia Khan, said ‘Who remembers the Levi advert from the 80’s?’

“By the second day of this laundrette being operational Dave had the video on Youtube and linked to Toddington Community Facebook page.

“Even some of the folks against the laundrette laughed and commented on the video, so in a way a little humour defused the situation.”

Model Dave Stewart, a Toddington estate agent, was keen to oblige when scouted out for the role. Although it was bitterly cold on the day, Dave happily got his kit off for the cameras.

He said: “It was just for a laugh really. The weather was horrible, and I had some cars beeping at me. A few people driving past that I knew wolf whistled out the windows.”

The Toddington community are no strangers when it comes to joining the YouTube generation, having already produced their own version of Pharrell’s hit single ‘Happy’ last summer.

The see the video, click here.