‘Our Place’ plan to give estate a feel-good factor


The owner of Nifty’s Tattoo Studio in Dunstable is getting a special tattoo in a painful place to raise money for the Precious Kids Children’s Trust on Monday, August 18.

Paul Hughes was approached by the charity and asked to help raise money for a young boy.

Russel Duffield was born with cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair because he cannot walk. His friends and family are trying to raise money so he can realise his dream of being able to walk like his sisters.

Mr Hughes said: “I decided to get the tattoo on the back of my knee where it creases because it is very painful and I hoped that would help raise more money.

“A novice will be doing the tattoo, supervised by a professional, because he sponsored £100 to do it.

“I am not looking forward to it because he has never done a tattoo before, but it is for a great cause. We were asked to try and raise £150 and we have already raised £160.

“I like to do charity work and over the years I have helped raise a lot of money, so when the charity got in touch with me, I was really happy to help out.”

He will be getting the ‘For Russel’ tattoo at 1pm at the High Street South studio.

To read more about Russel’s story and to donate go to www.russelsfunraiser.co.uk