Peaceful anti-Trump march to US Embassy

Attiq Malik ONkQAZNiVgkGIqlqm8GR
Attiq Malik ONkQAZNiVgkGIqlqm8GR

Peaceful Luton protesters are marching to the US Embassy in response Donald Trump’s controversial 90-day immigration ban.

The Luton People’s Assembly (LPA), in line with other national groups, including Stop The War Coalition, are marching from Downing Street to the US Embassy this Saturday, after the American President banned immigration to the US from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Organiser, and chair of the LPA, Attiq Malik, 38, argued: “We are protesting about Donald Trump’s decision and we do not want Prime Minister, Theresa May, to be complicit.

“I went to the protest on Monday and there were people from all backgrounds and classes. This is not a Muslim-only issue - everyone feels it!

“Trump has targeted Muslims now, but if not the Muslim community it will be someone else next time. Bad things happen when good people do nothing. It is time to take a stance!”

Families are welcome and the group meets at Luton train station at 9.30am on Saturday.