Couple celebrates 60 years of marriage

Pat and Bill celebrated their 60th anniversary on Thursday
Pat and Bill celebrated their 60th anniversary on Thursday

A couple from Dunstable celebrated their Diamond Wedding anniversary with their family at the weekend at The Old Palace Lodge.

Bill Fairfield, 82, married Pat, 81, at the Priory Church in Dunstable, on March 22, in 1957, in what they described as a ‘small wedding’.

Bill and Pat on their wedding day

Bill and Pat on their wedding day

Pat said: “It is wonderful to be celebrating 60 years of marriage, I think it works for us because we get along and we share everything.

“Our wedding day was lovely but it was a very cold day, a bit like the weather now!

“It was a small wedding, much different to the ones people have now, it was mainly family and my two sisters were my bridesmaids and my nephew was my pageboy.”

The couple, who live in Buttercup Close, have two children, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, who all live nearby and visit them regularly, they celebrated the occasion with them at The Old Palace Lodge on Sunday.

Pat added: “We spend a lot of time with our great-grandchildren, they keep us busy and active, we love having them round and they come here and stay, they like to teach us about the phones and computers!”

Bill said: “It has been hard work, and I don’t mean between us, I mean we have both worked hard.

“We have had some great times together and we had our fair share of holidays together.

“I remember on our honeymoon, we travelled by train and there were football fans on the same train and they knew we had just got married, they were all throwing confetti and cheering, it was a good laugh.

“We have so many great memories together and every day is different for us, it is nice that we have our family to visit, and it is also nice that in between that we get some time to spend together and we also like to go out, if we can, everyday.”