Crackdown on street drinking in Houghton Regis and Dunstable


Community policing officers in Houghton Regis and Dunstable have been cracking down on street drinking this week.

Officers targeted prolific street drinkers in Bedford Square and Ashton Square, and worked with shopkeepers to educate them on their wider responsibilities.

To date, the local policing teams have issued four Community Protection Notices (CPNs) and arrested one street drinker for a public order offence.

Police have worked with Central Bedfordshire Council’s anti-social behaviour team to issue the CPNs, which act as a warning to street drinkers about their behaviour and outline what they can and can not do. If they breach this warning they can be fined or face criminal charges, punishable by up to five years in prison.

Sergeant Louise Bates said: “The warnings we have issued so far have certainly helped reduce and displace the problem, but we accept there is more we can do to tackle this long standing issue. We are working with the our licensing team to engage with shops and off licences that are selling alcohol to those causing the problems. Officers will not shy away from issuing CPNs to shopkeepers with conditions guarding against the irresponsible sale of alcohol, and take action if they breach the terms of their licences. This demonstrates that partnership working is really effective in dealing with these kinds of problems.”