Dunstable woman calls for council to take action before an accident happens

A woman is calling for Central Bedfordshire Council to take action before an accident happens on Katherine Drive, Dunstable.

Susan Swann wants signage and lights to be installed at the junction of Woodford Road and Katherine Drive after she witnessed drivers going the wrong way on four separate occasions last month.

Susan Swann is pictured at the junction of Woodford Road and Katherine Drive

Susan Swann is pictured at the junction of Woodford Road and Katherine Drive

She said: “Last month I witnessed cars driving on the wrong side of the road, towards me, on four different occasions.

"I have lived here for years but I think that if you are new to the area, or it is dark, you might not be aware that you have to cross over the road to the other side when you turn right out of Woodford Road.”

Susan asked councillors, at a joint committee of Central Bedfordshire and town councillors, for better signage at the junction before an accident happens.

She said: “The council said they will not do anything as there have been no accidents reported. I want the council to be proactive rather than reactive, the cost of street signs and a light would surely be better for everyone, instead of waiting for an accident to happen.”

Cllr John Gurney is supporting Susan. He said: “Following this up and having spoken with Mrs Swann, I contacted Dunstable Police and have received the following advice for reporting any incident, from their senior officer, Inspector Gurr.

"All non-emergency incidents should be reported using 101. However, the police do have a link for reporting so-called anti-social driving with or without dashcam or other video footage.

“Incidents may be reported after the event; when you have got over the initial shock, or arrive home or even the next day. Every incident is recorded by the police and adds to the history of evidence Central Bedfordshire Council will need in order to improve the signs and lighting at this or any junction where residents feel there’s a serious accident waiting to happen.

"At least the police will provide the support for residents, which is sadly lacking from our CBC ward councillors and Central Beds Council themselves.”

A council spokesperson said: “As there have been no incidents reported at this junction during the last five years we would not consider installing any extra signage.

"If residents witness any incidents they should report them to the police so that they can be recorded and used as evidence.”

To report anti-social driving visit: