Enjoy free squash in Luton on World Squash Day

Luton and Dunstable Squash Club are opening up their courts to the public to try and get more people involved in the sport on World Squash Day.

On Saturday, October 12, from 1.30pm till 6.30pm, the courts at Lewsey Sports Park, Luton, will be free.

World Squash Day

World Squash Day

The aim of World Squash Day is to attract one million new players to the game over the next decade, the theme for this year is for every club to open their doors and hold a free taster session called The Big Hit.

Luton and Dunstable Squash Club are offering free squash to encourage people to have a go at the sport and have fun.

For more information about the club visit: www.facebook.com/Lutonanddunstablesquashclub/.