Halloween Fancy Dress party in Caddington to support Life Kitchen

A woman from Caddington is organising a Halloween Fancy Dress Party on Saturday, November 2, to raise money for Life Kitchen.

Sharon Harris wants to raise awareness and money for Life Kitchen, the charity offers free kitchen workshops to carers and those living with cancer who have lost their sense of taste. Life Kitchen was set up in 2017 by Ryan Riley when he lost his mother to cancer.

Halloween Fancy Dress fundraising party

Halloween Fancy Dress fundraising party

The event, at the Cricketers Public House, in Caddington, is from 7pm till midnight, guests can enjoy a buffet, curry tasting, a raffle, silent auction and a quiz.

Sharon said: "I want to raise money for Life Kitchen, they develop menus and recipes and provide free cookery workshops for people that are living with cancer and have had chemotherapy treatment.

"One side effect of having this illness or undergoing chemotherapy is loss of taste.

"Life Kitchen combines ingredients and cooking techniques to enhance the appeal of food. At certain stages someone living with cancer may be able to enjoy very little.

"This charity helps people to appreciate food and share that experience with friends and family. So many of us are now personally touched by this disease or have seen people we love endure it.

"I feel the work done by Life Kitchen produces positive results and improves quality of life.

"To achieve their aim of producing nutritious, healthy, and appealing food, Life Kitchen is currently raising £50,000 to refurbish a new kitchen."

Donations from the event will support recipe development, collaboration with world leading cancer health and food organisations and publication of recipe books and YouTube videos to make recipes and tips more accessible.

Sharon added: "We have over £1,700 worth of items and services to win in our raffle and silent auction.

"It is a fancy dress event but not compulsory, entry is free but we are hoping people will make donations on the night, we will have a buffet, curry tasting, a quiz which will all be donations.

"We want people to have fun and we want to raise awareness for the organisation and the work they do."

For more information about Life Kitchen visit: lifekitchen.co.uk.