Hockliffe residents frustrated by ‘thundering’ HGV’s driving through the village throughout the night

Traffic on the A5 in Hockliffe on Friday night when M1 was closed in June
Traffic on the A5 in Hockliffe on Friday night when M1 was closed in June

Residents in Hockliffe have been left frustrated with the amount of HGV’s ‘thundering’ through the village in the middle of the night during motorway closures.

Richard Alexander has been campaigning for the A5 through the village to be de-trunked to help ease the problems the residents have been facing since the new A5 to M1 Link Road opened in 2017, including an increase in the amount of traffic on the stretch of road and speeding.

The latest problem is the amount of HGV’s travelling through the village throughout the night when the M1 is closed.

Richard said: “Despite the works Highways England are undertaking for us, the smart motorways work being undertaken between Junctions 12 and 15 is causing misery for the residents of Hockliffe.

“With the motorway shutting lanes the HGV’s are thundering through the village all night.

“Highways England say the alternative route diversion are in place to use the A4146 and the A505 but they can’t enforce them, but several of the signs are showing the direction of the diversion is through Hockliffe.

“It’s a nightmare, causing endless sleepless nights for many residents, additional vibrations damaging our properties.

“This really is rubbing salt in the wounds not only are we putting up with the extreme traffic during the day we now have all the motorway traffic through the village all night as well.”

Highways England is aware of the problem and are exploring alternative solutions.

A Highways England spokesperson said: “We’re really keen to keep disruption to a minimum while we complete this vital upgrade of a very busy motorway.

“We fully understand the concerns of those residents affected by the closure and we’re continuing to explore what else we can do to help them.

“We’d also like to remind drivers to follow the agreed diversion route and signage that is in place on our network as this is the most suitable route for all types of vehicles, and will have been agreed by the local authority and emergency services beforehand.”

The de-trunking of the A5 through Hockliffe may face objection from Buckinghamshire County Council.

Buckinghamshire County Council deputy leader and cabinet member for transportation, Mark Shaw, said he fully understood the views of the residents in Hockliffe, but confirmed there were potential issues for Buckinghamshire that would need further consideration.

He said: “One of the main reasons of concern is the potential for even more HGVs travelling along unsuitable roads through villages in that part of Buckinghamshire particularly the Wing and Ivinghoe areas.

“In coming to a final view about the proposal, we’ll need to fully understand all potential aspects as they affect the county.”