Houghton Regis spinathon raises hundreds for SADS UK

A spinathon in Houghton Regis has raised over £800 for Sudden Adult Death Trust UK (SADS UK).

Sarah Pyatt organised the event in memory of her son, Jake Gallagher, who passed away in 2012 after he suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest at just 16.

Sarah's spinathon raised over 800 for charity

Sarah's spinathon raised over 800 for charity

Sarah has made it her mission to ensure that schools in Bedfordshire are equipped with defibrillators.

She has been organising fundraisers to raise money for the charity to help get defibrillators in schools, the latest fundraiser was a five-hour spinathon at Houghton Regis Leisure Centre on Saturday, February 1.

She said: “It was amazing, such fun and laughter. I was knackered, I did the five hours, but it was great.

“We have raised £860 so far and the defibrillator will go to Toddington Primary School.”

SADS UK aims to save lives, provide information and fund research and medical equipment to prevent premature sudden cardiac death.