Ladies from Dunstable care home share their experiences of love

Two ladies from Caddington Grove care home took to the camera last week to share their stories of love.

Betty Herbert, 89, and Irene Atkinson, 86, from the care home on London Road, in Dunstable, shared their experiences as part of last week’s celebrations at the care home that included a Valentine’s Day dinner and messages for the Valentine’s Day tree.

Betty and Irene share their experiences of love

Betty and Irene share their experiences of love

Irene advises that young couples whose relationships are built on trust, equality and kindness stand the best chance of going the distance.

She said: “Treat each other equally and help each other all you can. Most importantly, learn to trust one another. Also, if you’ve had a fallout, never go to bed without making up – even if it’s just a kiss.”

Betty added: “Look after each other and be kind to one another. Also, be truthful. Don’t start telling tales and lies when you don’t have to.”

The video gave the ladies to look back on their lives with their husbands.

Irene next to the Valentine's Day tree

Irene next to the Valentine's Day tree

“We met at work,” said Betty, of her husband. “He used to throw balls of paper at me! I said to him, ‘Throw your rubbish where you throw your love’, and he said, ‘I am!’”

“I met my husband at school. I thought, ‘He’s just right for me, that lad’. He was very kind, he was my best friend,” shared Irene.

Caddington Grove home manager, Martyn Dawes, said: “Who better to take advice from than from our residents with such beautiful love stories?

“Hearing them talk about their partners is heart-warming and inspirational, the love shines through.

“But they don’t sugar-coat marriage and what hard work it is, in fact, they are very sensible and practical about the hard yards of lasting love.

“Their advice is invaluable to young couples because it’s genuine and honest. They want other people to enjoy the kind of happiness they both found.”