Luton burglar used stolen car key fob to make contactless payments

A Luton burglar who used a stolen car key fob to make contactless payments has been jailed for 22 months imprisonment.

Friday, 14th June 2019, 5:27 pm

Glen Ratcliffe, 32, of Crawley Green Road, Luton was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday) at Luton Crown Court after being found guilty of one count of burglary and seven counts of fraud by false representation.

He was also convicted of an unrelated count of theft from a shop.

On March 3, police were called to a break-in in Luton during which two cars were stolen. One of the car key sets had a key fob which allowed contactless payments.

The fob was used numerous times shortly afterwards in different locations, carrying out small contactless transactions under £30. Officers investigating the offence collected CCTV images from the locations, prompting police staff members to recognise the offender as Ratcliffe.

He was also captured on CCTV from a petrol station on the day of the burglary, filling one of the stolen vehicles.

Ratcliffe was sentenced to 22 months imprisonment in total for the burglary and theft from a shop.

DC David Elias said: “We have carried out extensive work during this investigation and managed to link a series of images connected to use of the stolen fob and Ratcliffe filling the stolen vehicle.

“Thanks to this scrupulous investigation we have managed to apprehend Ratcliffe and bring him to justice.”