Magic Table treat for residents at Dunstable care home

Launch of the 'Magic Table' at Dunstable care home
Launch of the 'Magic Table' at Dunstable care home

Residents at Dunstable care home recently welcomed a 'Magic Table' designed to improve the lives of people living with dementia.

Town Mayor, councillor Sidney Abbott, attended a special launch event at Caddington Grove care home, on London Road, to see residents using the Mobii table for the first time.

The award-winning interactive table, designed by multi-sensory tech pioneers OMI, encourages users to participate in activities to promote movement, positive outlook and communication.

Residents can play games, do quizzes, hear music, engage with visuals and see content designed to help them reminisce on the Mobii table.

After a demonstration by Caddington Grove staff, Mayor Abbott said he was impressed by the technology and it’s effect on the residents.

He said: “The Community of Dunstable is thriving, we need more facilities like this available to us.

"I have really enjoyed being part of this session this morning and the interactive table is so innovative and such a great way to engage and stimulate.

“I would encourage more of the local community to come along and get involved.”

Caddington Grove is home to many residents living with dementia, and Home Manager Martyn Dawes said the purchase of the Mobii table is part of their ongoing commitment to ensure they get the best care possible.

Martyn said: "It’s so important to ensure people living with dementia stay connected with the world around them and the people who love them.

"The 'Magic Table' has a profound impact on the people who use it - it's incredibly moving to see.

"Studies have shown that the table helps people build their confidence, start moving more and respond to music.

"There were lots of smiles and laughs from the residents using the table for the first time."

The Mobii table, which won OMI the 2018 National Dementia Care Outstanding Product Award, is suitable for use by patients at all stages of dementia.

It consists of a portable projection system that can be height-adjusted for use with patients who are bed-bound, as well as those able to move more freely.

Caddington Grove run a Community Support Group, which includes use of the Mobii table, every Monday morning from 10.30am till 11.30am and the session is open to anyone living with dementia.