Mal’s festive food and raffle warms hearts of Dunstable community

A kindhearted Dunstable man showed real community spirit by organising a festive party for his family, friends and Priory View residents.

Mal Miles, 75, who lives in the Church Street sheltered accommodation, hosted a Christmas dinner and raffle to bring everyone together for some seasonal fun.

Mal at the Priory View party.

Mal at the Priory View party.

The party was held recently at Priory View and Mal took the trouble to visit 70 local businesses and ask them to donate a raffle prize.

Mal said: “There are quite a lot of people that are on their own at Christmas, and even here [at Priory View] you wouldn’t believe it.

“I’m very lucky, I’ve got a brilliant family and I couldn’t have put this on without them.

“My reward for it is the happiness I can give to somebody. If they have enjoyed it then that’s made my day.”

Mal’s daughter Lorraine helped to prepare the menus and write letters about the raffle to businesses, while his granddaughter Louise took photos of the guests with their prizes, and her husband Steve noted down who won.

Mal, who walked round to visit businesses despite suffering from COPD, was pleased with the response and managed to receive a prize for all his guests.

He said: “My granddaughter Lorraine has taken photos of the guests with their presents, and we are going to put each picture in an envelope with a thank you letter for the businesses.”

Mal was thrilled that his daughter Elaine, as well as Louise and Steve, could make the party.

His other special guests included Priory View residents, friends and members of the Creasey Park Thursday Club.

Mal added: “It’s been a miserable time for most people with ruddy Brexit - this is a chance to forget about it and do something nice.”

Mal describes himself as a people person, having previously organised Christmas get togethers at his former sheltered accommodation home in Saxon Close.

He has also booked group boat trips in the past and enjoys a good outing.

Mal would like to say a thank you to Pam, of Priory View, for her calligraphy envelope writing, and Manuka restaurant for the dinner.

The businesses who donated prizes include: Elaine and Tom Butler, Greggs, The Grove, Timpsons, Beards & Barbers, Timpsons, NatWest, The Academy, Costa Coffee, Wrigglies, Lea Kim, Alexanders, Ruby Tuesday, Hairs & Graces, Aldi, Jonquil, Lloyds Bank, Wilkinsons, Boots, Halfords, Lombardos & Savers, Cash Converters, Carphone Warehouse, Celebrations, Market Cross, PV Silvia Spa, Asda, Dormans & Petra, Coffee Republic, Market Cross, Sugar Loaf, Beaujolais, WH Smiths, Beards & Barbers, Effes and PV Footspa.