Mechanic wants to thank paramedic who saved his life after M1 crash

Storm Warner outside St Mary's Hospital, Paddington
Storm Warner outside St Mary's Hospital, Paddington

A mechanic who suffered horrific injuries in a car crash is hoping to track down the paramedic who saved his life by dragging him from a burning vehicle.

Storm Warner, of Dunstable, was driving home from north London when his car collided with a truck on the M1

Strom's car after the crash last year

Strom's car after the crash last year

and then smashed into the central reservation in June last year.

Doctors told the 22-year-old he was lucky to be alive following the crash, which left him with a punctured lung, a fractured hip, a snapped tendon in his knee and several broken ribs.

He underwent emergency surgery at Hammersmith Hospital before being induced into a coma and spending three months recovering in hospital.

Now he is back on his feet, Storm now wants to find the paramedic who rescued him from the scene of the crash.

Storm Warner after the accident

Storm Warner after the accident

He also wants to repay the NHS staff who helped keep him alive by taking on a skydive to raise money for Imperial College Healthcare Charity.

He said: “I don’t actually remember the crash – the first memory I have is waking up in hospital.

“But I know my car caught on fire and I was pulled out the car. I don’t know who by and I would like to find out so I can thank them.

“The doctors came in and said ‘you should not be here’. They told me I would not walk for well over a year and I would probably be in a wheelchair.”

Storm made a speedy recovery and was walking with crutches by September. He even managed to travel to Nigeria to celebrate his 22nd birthday in November.

He paid a special tribute to the staff at Hammersmith and St Mary’s. He said: “As soon as I pressed a button someone would be there in less than a minute, they catered for everything.

“One female nurse lit up my day every day. She was chatty and made jokes about silly little things. It made me forget I was in a hospital.

“When I came out it struck me how amazing these people had been. They think they are just doing their jobs but they don’t realise how much of an impact they are making on people’s lives.”

The mechanic will be skydiving from a height of 10,000ft at Sibson airfield in Cambridge on May 14.

He is hoping to raise £1,000 for the charity. To sponsor Storm, visit: