Nailed it! Houghton Regis man finally gets hazard cleared from road

It took council two attempts to sweep up the nails

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 4:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 4:32 pm

A Houghton Regis resident thought he had nailed a road issue after getting in touch with Central Bedfordshire Council - only to find the hazard had not been swept away.

Mark Cox said he was having to avoid Windsor Drive and Sandringham Drive in Houghton Regis after a large quantity of nails was left on the road.

He said: "I have contacted Central Bedfordshire Council via the online form to notify them of a rather large hazard of many many nails in the road. I have given them the exact location too, that being along Windsor Drive, specifically the junction of Windsor Drive/Sandringham Drive - this was made clear on the initial case form.

Mark Cox found a large quantity of nails on the road

"I notified the council on the day of my findings which was the 21st September, I received a case reference number too. Fast forward to the 28th September and I received an email from the council saying that their engineers had been out and could not find anything, so case is now closed….

"Today, Saturday 2nd October, I have checked the problem area and guess what….the nails are still in the road, STILL causing a HAZARD. This is causing myself and other half to avoid this area and use alternative routes as we do not want nails in our tyres. Its adding unnecessary time to our journeys.

Mr Cox added: "I am now at the end of my tether as all it requires is a council worker just to sweep the affected area and be done with. I could do myself but why should I when I pay council tax? Ultimately, I am risking my own safety by standing in the road and sweeping them up. It's a busy junction with a steady flow of buses and cars. I am not on social media but we have tried to spread the word through a network of friends".

And in a letter to his MP Andrew Selous, he said: "I hope that you or a member of your staff will look into this as a matter of urgency as I am not getting anywhere with Central Bedfordshire Council."

CBC say they have now cleared them

After the Dunstable Gazette got in touch a council spokesman said a team had been out again to the site.

A spokesman said: ˜The Area Team inspected the site, of which they found the nails and removed as many as possible. The Area Team will now be instructing Waste Services to attend with a road sweeper to clear up any that may have been missed."