Passengers rate London Luton Airport as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’

MBLN Airport at twilight. Photo by London Luton Airport
MBLN Airport at twilight. Photo by London Luton Airport

London Luton Airport has been rated as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ by passengers, according to the latest Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) statistics.

The latest CAA Departing Passenger Survey has found that 82.8% of passengers passing through London Luton Airport (LLA) have rated the experience ‘good’ or excellent’.

The figures are collected over the course of 12 months and involve a qualitative interview with one in every thousand passengers passing through the airport, split across routes, airlines and time of year.

The rating comes as the airport experienced its busiest-ever July, welcoming 1.7 million passengers.

While Amsterdam remained the most popular destination for passengers departing from the airport, Eastern Europe is an increasingly popular destination, with Bucharest and Budapest the next most popular destinations.

Alberto Martin, CEO of LLA, said: “I am delighted to see passengers who have used the airport rate their experience as “good” or “excellent”.

“There’s still more work to do to increase this number further but it’s great to see the benefits of our recently completed transformation are being felt by passengers using the airport.”