Popular ice-cream seller passes away

'Sam', a doting father and grandfather.
'Sam', a doting father and grandfather.

A much-loved Dunstable ice-cream seller and caring family man has died at the aged of 79.

Agostino Difalco, also known as ‘Sam’, died on Wednesday, September 7 from severe heart failure, having spent four weeks in hospital.

'Sam' is his well known ice-cream van.

'Sam' is his well known ice-cream van.

Generations of residents will have known him as Sam’s Ices and will remember his blue and white ice cream van, in which ‘Sam’ did his round for over 25 years.

He could be found every Saturday behind the Library and the Old Sugar Loaf and sold traditional Italian scoop 
ice-cream until he retired aged 65.

His daughter, Dee, said: “He was very hard-working and did his round every day having regular clients.

“He loved his four grandchildren and sometimes used to pick them up from school in his van, letting them have free rein over the ice-cream!”

‘Sam’ moved from Sicily to the UK in 1958 and met the love of his life Romana in 1960, with whom he had two children, Dee and Sam.

He first worked for Dunstable Rubber Company and then Ever Ready on the Woodside Estate.

But ‘Sam’ knew other Italian vendors and was inspired to start his business, originally part time – his favourite flavour being chocolate.

His sister, Gina Hryciw, whom he was very close with, passed away one month before he died.

‘Sam’s’ funeral takes place at St Mary’s Church, West St, Dunstable on Monday 26th at 11am, followed by the interment at 12.30pm in West Street Cemetery.