Queen thanks George for birthday card

Hannah and George with the letter thanking them for the Queen's card
Hannah and George with the letter thanking them for the Queen's card

A four-year-old boy is over the moon that he received a letter from Buckingham Palace, thanking him for the birthday card he sent the Queen.

George Ginsberg, of Eaton Bray, made Her Majesty a card for her 90th birthday and sent it to her last month.

His father, Elton Ginsberg, was shocked when they received a letter in the post from Buckingham Palace.

He said: “George is at that age where he wants to make everyone a birthday card and send it to them.

“There was something on the TV about the Queen celebrating her ninetieth birthday this year, so he decided he wanted to make her a card and send it to her.

“I was not sure if anyone would see it, never mind reply to him.

“The letter is from a Lady-in-Waiting.”

George wrote: ‘To your Majesty, happy birthday, love from George.’

He also sent her a photo of him and his three-year-old sister, Hannah.

The letter to George says: ‘Dear George and Hannah, The Queen wishes me to write and thank you both for the splendid handmade card, delightful photograph and kind message which you sent for Her Majesty’s forthcoming ninetieth birthday.

‘The Queen greatly appreciates your kind thought in making this lovely card especially for her at this time and, although Her Majesty is unable to reply to you personally, I enclose some information leaflets which I hope you will both enjoy.

‘I am to thank you very much once again for writing as you did.’

Mr Ginsberg added: “It is great that he got a reply, we really did not expect it. He was really excited and over the moon when he got the letter, he is very proud of it.

“He keeps telling everyone the Queen sent him a letter. We were all excited really, it is not what you usually receive in the post.”

The Queen celebrates her ninetieth birthday on Thursday, April 21.