The Golden Years celebration for senior citizens


Bedfordshire Senior Citizens Art and Recreation Forum (Bedscarf) is hosting the annual international older persons’ celebration at High Town Methodist Church on Saturday, December 5.

The community group organises the event every year for the members and to raise money for the forum.

All money raised on the day goes back to the group to organise events for the senior citizen members.

Luton musicians will provide the entertainment at The Golden Years event.

Andrew Robbins, member of Bedscarf, said: “We want this event to unite the community, bring older and younger people together.

“The Golden Years will provide entertainment and a social outlet of particular interest to an older audience. The event is open to anyone, carers are particularly welcome as we recognise the valuable work they do and seek to engage them, together with those they care for.”

The group organises community events for senior citizens in the area and raises awareness about the issues affecting older people.

The event starts at 2.30pm, tickets are £6 for adults and £4 for concessions. For more information, go to: