Woman bitten in bid to save dog

The woman has released this picture of the dog that attacked her dog
The woman has released this picture of the dog that attacked her dog

Police are investigating after a woman was attacked by a dog while pulling it off her own dog in Houghton Regis on Sunday, June 24.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, was walking pet Alfie in Houghton Regis Chalk Pit at about 4.15pm on Sunday afternoon when another dog off a lead attacked Alfie.

She was then bitten on her hand when she pulled the dogs apart.

She has had eight-year-old Alfie, a cross between a weimaraner and a budiger ridgeback, since he was born.

She is appealing for the public’s help in finding who owns the other dog.

She said: “I was walking my dog on a lead when the dog, ran over and attacked him, biting his leg. The dog was not on a lead.

“When I managed to pull the dog off Alfie, it bit my hand, I had to go to hospital and have stitches but I am okay, it’s Alfie that is still in so much pain and has to have major surgery.

“The vets tried to pack his wound but that didn’t work so now he has to have surgery, and he won’t be out for about two weeks.

“It was traumatic seeing my dog being attacked like that and now I have to deal with not having at home for at least another two weeks, it is horrible what has happened.

“It is not just the emotional side of things either, financially I am struggling, it is going to cost around £7,000 for Alfie’s treatment and surgery.

“I hope we can identify who this dog and the owner is, I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

Bedfordshire Police is investigating the incident. A spokesman for the force said: “The victim was approached by a man with three dogs and one of these then attacked the victim’s dog.

“The victim suffered minor injuries when trying to separate the dogs.

“The man then left the chalk pits and headed off in the direction of Houghton Regis on foot.”

An investigation into the incident is ongoing and anyone with any information is asked to call Bedfordshire Police on 101 quoting crime reference number 40/7267/18.