Petition push is ‘last hope’ for father of tragic toddler

Samuel Harry
Samuel Harry

A father has said that a petition to have the circumstances of his son’s tragic death debated in Parliament is his ‘last hope’.

Last week Nicholas Harry, from Houghton Regis, was buoyed by the news that the cross county major crime unit would re-examine the April 2013 death of his son Samuel.

But despite the reopening of the police investigation Mr Harry continues to push ahead with a campaign to have Samuel’s tragic case discussed by lawmakers.

At the core of this is a petition which has so far gained a quarter of the required 100,000 signatures.

Mr Harry told the Gazette: “This is very much our last hope. we started off with a broad range of options and they have narrowed.

“It is very much about pressurising the police and if not the government to acknowledge how Sam died and that it can’t be allowed to happen.

“One way or another we will get there, whatever it takes.”

On the day the toddler was taken into hospital he was in the care of his mother Deanna Buffham and her former partner Ryan Bate, who both blame each other for the fatal brain injuries which claimed Samuel’s life.

When handing down his verdict coroner Martin Oldham blasted both Miss Buffham and Mr Bate for their accounts, telling the inquest: “They do know the truth but they have simply not come forward with it.”

Following Samuel’s death both were arrested on suspicion of murder, but charges were not brought forward.

Mr Harry said: “It is hard for me as I am not legally trained but someone needs to look at the loophole.

“This is not an isolated case, the reason that this has not reached the public is because it is tricky legally.

“Joint enterprise was designed to stop this sort of thing, so it needs to be reinvestigated to find out what has gone wrong.”

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