Clean sweep for Central Beds Tories in Dunstable


A Conservative clean sweep in Dunstable left their rivals for Central Beds Council seats feeling blue.

In Dunstable Central, Carole Hegley with 1,162 votes led the way, with Theresa Miller polling 674 for Labour and Ian Bunker (Independent) achieving 369.

John Chatterley was elected with 1,975 votes in Dunstable Icknield, as was fellow Tory David McVicar (2,062). Catherine Howes for Labour received 980 votes, with Christine Reynolds (Independent) polling 632, and Michael Stokes (Labour) 874.

Eugene Ghent was the successful Conservative in Dunstable Manshead (879), ahead of Roger Pepworth (Labour, 675) and Neal Reynolds (Independent, 697).

Dunstable Northfields went to Conservatives Jeannette Freeman (1,806 ) and Nigel Warren (1,436). Unsuccessful were Catherine Aganoglu (Green, 335); Peter Burrows (Green, 409); Bev Coleman (Independent, 933); Julian Murray (Independent, 1,063); Michael Rogers (Labour, 1,027) and Robert Shelley (Labour, 773).

Over in Dunstable Watling, Peter Hollick (3,135) and Nigel Young (3,097) triumphed for the Tories. Missing out were Alan Corkhill (Independent, 594); Michael Ingham (Labour, 994); Beryl Meakins (Independent, 750) and Sheila Morgan (Labour, 966).

But the Conservatives didn’t have it all their own way in Gazette territory. In Houghton Hall, Susan Goodchild took a seat for the Liberal Democrats (1,250), with John Kane also elected for the Conservatives on 1,336.

Other candidates were Syed Abbas (Labour , 700); Laura Ellaway (Liberal Democrats, 874); Steve Finan (Green, 500); Chris Slough (Labour, 806).

In Parkside, Labour’s Antonia Ryan took the seat with 510 votes ahead of Jimmy Carroll (Independent, 131); Adam Fahn (Conservative, 384); Stephen North (UKIP, 387 and lan Winter (Independent, 486).

In Tithe Farm ward Labour’s Tony Swain bagged 522 to triumph ahead of David Abbott (Independent, 288); Tracey McMahon (Independent, 182); Tony Morris (Conservative, 485); and Marion Rolfe (Liberal Democrats, 230).

Other seats in Gazette land:

Toddington - Norman Costin (Conservative); Thomas Nicols (Conservative ).

Eaton Bray - Ken Janes (Conservative ).

Caddington - Kevin Collins (Conservative ); Richard Stay (Conservative ).

Barton-le-Clay - Ian Shingler (Independent).

Whilst the majority of election results for Central Bedfordshire Council have now been counted and announced in a few remaining wards further information was required before the process can be completed. The count has therefore been suspended until Saturday morning.

The election results for town and parish councils will not be announced now until Monday, May 11.