Mid Beds MP’s fury at EU ‘brainwash’ tactics

Nadine Dorries MP
Nadine Dorries MP

David Cameron and George Osborne are “brainwashing” constituents in Mid Bedforshire into voting to remain in the European Union, MP Nadine Dorries has claimed.

On Tuesday the Prime Minister visited Luton Airport and urged easyJet workers to vote ‘in’ on June 23, as he claimed that leaving the EU would hit British holidaymakers in the pocket every time they travel in Europe.

Ms Dorries – a Conservative whose constituency includes Streatley, Barton-le-Clay and Toddington – has slammed the statistic and other Remain campaign tactics as “trickery, lies and deceit”.

She said: “They are deceiving my constituents using a cocktail of lies, complex polling and vote source technology and they are brainwashing people to vote the way they want.

“This same technology has been withheld from Vote Leave campaigners.”

Ms Dorries added: “It is not a level playing field.

“If Remain win they would have done so on the back of £9m worth of leaflets, promising favours and preferment to their mates in the city.”