'˜Potholes make Boscombe Road so dangerous!'

A Dunstable resident claims she is concerned about the number of potholes on Boscombe Road, as they are causing vehicles to drive on the wrong side.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 4:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th March 2018, 4:54 pm
Boscombe Road is dangerous claims Deborah. Credit: Google.

Deborah Keogh, 55, says she is fed up of driving to work each day and and having to swerve, because other cars - or even trucks - head into the wrong side of the road to avoid the “very deep” holes.

Deborah claimed: “It’s in such a state. It’s so dangerous. The potholes are on both sides of the road down the whole stretch.

“You have got lorries and cars driving on the wrong side of the road and completely the other side of a roundabout; you have a car coming at you head on!

“No-one knows who the road belongs to and no-one is taking responsibility for it!”

Deborah alleged that the potholes have been there for around four months, estimating there are around 60, and claims that she has to swerve to avoid cars at least once a day.

Deborah argued: “There’s going to be an accident - the whole road needs closing off!

The Dunstable Gazette contacted Central Bedfordshire Council, who confirmed that they are responsible for the maintenance of the road.

A spokeswoman said: “Our staff monitor the roads every day.

“The potholes on this road are not currently considered deep enough to require immediate attention, in accordance with our assessment criteria. However, Boscombe Road is one of the first roads scheduled for the start of the new resurfacing programme in April, as the milder weather helps ensure that the materials in the mended pothole adhere better.

“Since last July, we have repaired more than 19,000 potholes. However, the very cold winter has been an issue.

“When temperatures drop to a point where freezing occurs both below and above the surface, it can result in cracks. When cracks occur, water can seep into the road. This then expands when the temperatures rise again, causing the road surface to break up.”