Raising awareness of osteoporosis danger

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By Sue Palmer from the Volunteer Centre at Bossard House, West Street, Leighton Buzzard...

Osteoporosis is a condition where bones are more fragile and prone to break, even after only a minor bump or fall. These fragility fractures mainly occur in the wrist, hip and spine.

Whilst the condition is more commonly associated with the elderly, it also affects the young and, at a time of year when slips and falls are more commonplace due to wet leaves or ice, this can be a worrying time for anyone affected.

Fortunately, bone protecting therapies have been shown to reduce the risk of breaks by up to 50%, and to help raise awareness of this, the Luton and Dunstable District Osteoporosis Support Group was set up last year by local volunteers. Offering a meeting point for Bedfordshire residents who are affected, and advising on therapies and nutrition, the group has been a great success. To mark their first anniversary, the group will be hosting an official launch event at The Incuba, 1 Brewers Hill Road, Dunstable on Wednesday, November 26 at 2pm. There will be talks including Keeping Well in Winter, by Age UK, and Structure & Posture, by Ruth Rose Podiatry. National Osteoporosis Society representatives will also be there.

Everyone is welcome to come along and find out about managing the condition or whether they are at risk of osteoporosis.

With 1,150 hip fracture related deaths every month in the UK, the charity continues to campaign for anyone over 50 years old who has broken a bone to be assessed for osteoporosis.

If you can’t make the launch event there are other ways you can get involved. They are currently looking for a secretary, people to join the decision-making committee, help with fundraising and help with talks and events. They are particularly interested in hearing from people who have been affected, directly or indirectly, by osteoporosis. For more details call give Volunteer Centre Central Bedfordshire on 01525 850559.