Readers have their say on elections

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With only 100 days to go before the General Election in May a straw poll on our website gives some indication of what Luton voters think their politicians should be concentrating on.

We asked a variety of questions including who do you think will be Prime Minister and who do you want as Prime Minister!

Top of the list of concerns for our voters was a sustainable health policy, with 81% saying it would have the biggest bearing on how they might vote.

Second was immigration with 73%, and 58% said they would be reviewing candidates’ positions on their approach to Europe and the EU. Welfare was a concern for 56% of people who voted, with education at 46%.

The people who took part in the vote were clearly intested in politics and democracy. A total of 89% said they had voted in the 2010 election. 21% said there had a strong interest in politics and 53% said they were reasonably interested. 88% said they would use their vote on May 7 and 6% said they would probably vote. 2% said they had no intention of voting.

Of those people who said they would vote, 66% said they were pretty sure who they would vote for while 18% said they could be swayed. 16% said they did not know who they would vote for.

Of our voters, 2% were women under the age of 25 around 10% of men and women between 25-44 took part in the survey but the biggest group were the 45-65 age group with around 28%.

There was a difference in who our voters thought would be Prime Minister after the election and who they would like it to be.

67% said they thought David Cameron would continue to be PM but only 40% said they would like him to be.

A total of 29% thought Ed Miliband would be PM with 22% saying they would like him to be. New kid on the block Nigel Farage from UKIP had 2% who thought he would be PM but 27% who would like him to be.

>You can keep up to date with local election news and have your say on our websites and over the next 100 days.