REVIEW: Kev Orkian talks Cinderella at MK Theatre

Cinderella at Milton Keynes Theatre: From the left; Deniece Pearson, Louis Spence, Anna Williamson and Kev Orkian
Cinderella at Milton Keynes Theatre: From the left; Deniece Pearson, Louis Spence, Anna Williamson and Kev Orkian

Just when you thought panto couldn’t get any camper, Louie Spence twirled onto the stage and with a shimmy here, there and everywhere he certainly brought the traditional Cinderella into the 21st century this Christmas, writes Amanda Devlin.

The big star not only had my belly aching from laughter, but he brought a tear to my eye with his suggestiveness that somehow managed to drift over all the young minds in the audience, who stared wide-eyed at his hilarious portrayal of wedding planner Dandini.

Buttons, who was superbly played by comedian Kev Orkian, spoke to me after the show about his love for Milton Keynes theatre and his fellow cast members.

Kev said: “It is amazing to come to Milton Keynes and get that kind of reaction. There was quite a pressure on press night and to make the children laugh and have a good time, but it was a really good feeling.

“I am really excited about it, it is great to be in MK, it is one of the most brilliant pantos in the country. It is Christmas time, so it’s great to have that energy from the audience.

“I have never worked on a production where every individual is incredible. I am so lucky to be a part of it.”

Alongside Kev and Louis, Fairy Godmother Deniece Pearson stood out from the crowd as she delivered an incredible performance throughout. She really was a cut above the rest when it came to belting out the high notes and blowing everyone away with her love for singing.

So with all these big stars it was inevitable that this year’s MK panto would be a magical evening for all of the family. But what was it like working with self-confessed diva Louis Spence?

Kev said: “He is just an energy entity. He is like a firework that has been let off. The energy he brings to the stage is fantastic.”

However, quite clearly Kev’s leading lady remains to be Anna Williamson, a former nickelodeon and CITV presenter who looked at home on stage alongside the handsome Prince Charming, Andrew Derbyshire.

Kev added: “To top it all off I have my Cinderella, with who I have developed a kind of brother sister relationship with since we met doing panto before. We have been in contact ever since and meet up with our other halves for dinner.

“So when reviewers have said that we have that kind of family relationship on stage, they are spot on. We have got that chemistry, so I’m really pleased to be back with her.”

Make sure you don’t miss out on taking the whole family to experience a night of glitter and sparkle with a gangnam style introduction and seriously impressive high-kicks from Louis.

Cinderella is running at Milton Keynes Theatre until January 6.

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By Amanda Devlin @LBOamanda