School travel plan wins Denbigh gold


Pupils at Denbigh Primary have plenty to celebrate after becoming the second school in Bedfordshire to achieve Modeshift STARS Gold accreditation.

They have been members since 2014 and have already achieved bronze and silver in the national award scheme that supports the development of school travel plans and rewards schools for showing a shift to cycling, walking and other forms of healthier and sustainable travel.

To achieve gold they had a checklist which included conducting an annual travel survey with students and parents as well as completing 25 travel initiatives from sub categories such as walking, cycling and road safety.

Denbigh encourages children to walk, cycle and scoot to school whenever possible. They have even proposed that parents consider accompanying their offspring on the school run, joining with other families to form a ‘cycle train.’

Headteacher Lynne McMulkin said they were thrilled to be the second school to receive gold accreditation and thanked staff and parents for supporting the initiative and making it possible.

She added: “We’re committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our young people and I hope that students continue to use healthier forms of travel this term.”