Single dad let down by 'faulty' car he uses to get autistic son to school in Dunstable stages protest outside garage

Mark Stringer
Mark Stringer

A single dad to a boy with autism at a specialist school in Dunstable has launched a one-man protest outside a garage that he claims sold him a dodgy car.

Mark Stringer, who lives in Aspley Guise, paid £2,990 for the Lexus IS220 from MK Auto-Motors 16 days ago.

Last week the car's head gasket blew and Mr Stringer requested a full refund under the 28 day guarantee.

"It had things wrong with it from the start. It's dodgy. But the garage refused to listen and did not even offer to repair it," he claims.

"I need the car to take my son to his special school in Dunstable, I am lost without it," he said.

Today Mr Stringer is camping out on MK Auto-Motors' Tavistock Street forecourt in protest.

The company called police to get him removed, but officers who turned up told him he was not breaking the law as long as it was a peaceful protest.

The Dunstable Gazette's sister paper The MK Citizen called MK Auto-Motors and spoke to a man who said he was in charge. He refused to comment and slammed the phone down.