Slip End schoolgirl gets the chop for The Little Princess Trust

Seven-year-old Slip End schoolgirl Imogen Hoo who is having her hair cut for The Little Princess Trust
Seven-year-old Slip End schoolgirl Imogen Hoo who is having her hair cut for The Little Princess Trust

A kind-hearted Slip End school girl who is keen to raise money for a charity that provides wigs for children who have lost their hair has already tripled her original target.

In addition to having her own long locks chopped for The Little Princess Trust, seven-year-old Imogen Hoo from Dunstable’s Bullpond Lane area also wanted to pay for a wig for a poorly child.

Within three days of setting up a fundraising page, she was thrilled to discover £1,000 had already been donated – enough to cover the cost of three wigs at £350 a time.

Her proud mum Samantha Hoo – legal contracts manager for a St Albans IT company – said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the amazing generosity of family, friends and colleagues – not to mention the total strangers who saw Imogen’s fundraising page on the Spotted: Dunstable Facebook page and took it upon themselves to donate, in spite of not even knowing her.”

The Year 3 student, who’s been growing her hair for 13 months, will have it all lopped off after school on Friday, February 5, at Caddington’s Cutting Crew Salon.

Samantha, 42, said: “She’ll probably end up with a very short bob. The donated hair has to be a minimum to 17cm so we’ll visit the salon two weeks before to check it’s long enough.

“On the day we’ll have to wash and thoroughly dry it before it’s divided into plaits, cut and sent off to the charity.”

Imogen, who has a two-year-old sister Caitlin, is already a seasoned fundraiser – for her school, Beavers and Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) Support, a condition from which she herself suffers.

She was inspired to grow her hair by a couple of friends who had theirs cut last year for the Trust.

She said the reason behind her decision was to make poorly boys and girls happy and explained: “Sometimes when children are sick they have to take horrible medicine that makes their hair fall out or they might have a disease that makes it drop out.

“When those poorly children walk around with no hair, they might feel embarrassed or sad because other people might stare at them. So if I donate my hair, those children can have a wig and then they might feel happier again.”

Her mum is also keen to raise awareness of the charity. She said: “We hope that by sharing Imogen’s story, people will realise they don’t only have to fundraise, they can opt to donate their hair instead.”

She added: “My husband Nick and I are incredibly proud of Imogen. She’s a very altruistic little girl and was adamant she wanted to do this, making us measure her hair every couple of months.”

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