‘Someone could get killed by these A5-M1 racers!’ claim Dunstable residents

A still from one resident's video footage of the racers.
A still from one resident's video footage of the racers.

Concerned Dunstable residents are appealing to Bedfordshire Police to stop the A5-M1 link road being used for motorbike and car racing.

Worried residents claim they have witnessed teenagers using the road as a racing track each Sunday evening, the troubles beginning soon after the new road opened in May.

Eyewitnesses allege that they have spotted up to 40 vehicles at the scene, some parked in a layby to watch, while others race along the road.

One woman claimed: “It’s so dangerous – someone is going to get killed or hurt.

“My friend was driving along that road and was trapped in the middle lane by racers.

“She felt very intimidated!

“It happens every Sunday from around 9pm to 11pm and we want the police to do something as we have complained several times now!

“A police car was spotted at the scene by a resident on Sunday, July 9, at 11pm but most of the racing teens had sped off.

“There was a police car this Sunday (July 16) and the place was cleared – but what if the big group of racers comes back next week?

“The teenagers also have two orange flashing lights on stands in a layby – it looks like something out of ‘Fast and Furious’!”

A Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman, said: “We are aware of concerns reported by residents surrounding speeding and anti-social behaviour near the A5-M1 link road.

“Where resources have been immediately available, officers have attended, and we log all information from the public as vital intelligence.

“Speeding is one of the main ‘fatal four’ factors leading to serious road collisions and fatalities, along with drink-driving, failing to wear a seatbelt and using a mobile phone at the wheel.

“Bedfordshire Police is committed to keeping the county’s roads safe and would remind all residents and motorists to observe the legal speed limits.”