Stay safe on bonfire night

Firework displays
Firework displays
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Central Bedfordshire council is encouraging residents to stay safe at firework displays.

The council’s Public Protection team have been inspecting local firework retailers, offering advice to people running displays and telling people how they can protect themselves.

Councillor Brian Spurr said: “Firework displays can be great fun for everybody, but people have to remember that fireworks are explosives and they can be very dangerous.

“We’ve been checking that retailers are complying with the law and offering advice to those who are organising big events.”

Trading Standards officers will be carrying out 55 inspections at retailers this week, ensuring fireworks are stored safely, and they will check that businesses are sourcing fireworks from suppliers that have been manufactured to the correct British Standards.

They will ensure that the fireworks are not damp, or being stored insecurely or close to anything that could cause them to ignite.

Retailers must know the age restriction law, you must be 18 to buy them.

Councillor Spurr added: “We want everyone to be able to enjoy a safe fireworks night. Fireworks should only be purchased from reputable suppliers and we would advise the public to steer well clear of buying fireworks from markets, car boot sales or street sellers.”

But it’s not just about firework safety.

Councillor Spurr said: “During Halloween some people, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, can find it very frightening to have large groups unexpectedly calling at their homes asking for treats.

“If possible, parents and guardians should go out trick or treating with their children, sticking to well-lit areas and only knocking on the doors of people they know. Some people may have ‘No trick or treat’ posters up at their doors and we ask that these are respected.”

“This time of year is really fun and we want people to have a fantastic time. We’ve set up some dedicated webpages to talk about firework safety and Halloween etiquette, so check out to find out more.”