‘Stop speeding on Houghton Road!’ say Dunstable residents

'There are still accidents along this road due to lack of care!'
'There are still accidents along this road due to lack of care!'

Frustrated Houghton Road residents are arguing that the new A5-M1 link has “done little to reduce traffic” in their street.

According to John and Laura Taylor, 35, of Houghton Road, Dunstable, the new Woodside Link road has not worked “for the better.”

After the link was opened on April 13, the couple hoped for a quieter life, until last Thursday night a car crashed into a neighbour’s wall.

John claims: “The wall is near the start of a bend and there is still debris!

“While there are indeed fewer overall vehicles on the road there are still quite a lot of lorries, especially when the A5 or the M1 is closed.

“During those times of the day when our road is quieter, the speed of cars and motorbikes has increased - most drive above 30mph. And we can still hear lorries at night!”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesperson said: “The weight limit works are being undertaken, and the process of de-trunking the existing roads has also begun. The scheme includes the re-numbering of some of the local roads to stop heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) using these local roads and encourage greater use of the new A5-M1 Link and Woodside Link.

“This involves changing a lot of signage on the local roads and the M1, and will take a few months.

“The council is also undertaking an education programme with local businesses to ensure that lorry drivers understand the new weight limit restrictions.

“We also constantly monitor collision data.

“Houghton Road and Poynters Road are not official diversion routes during closures of the M1, but drivers will often use roads that suit their origin/ destination. The main alternative route for closures of the M1 between junction 11 and 11A is Luton Road, Boscombe Road, Porz Avenue and the Woodside link.”

John and Laura did not witness emergency services at Thursday’s crash and Bedfordshire Police and the East of England Ambulance service have nothing logged.