Student’s voice impresses at Central Bedfordshire Cheering Volunteering awards night

Natasha Rowe performed at the Central Bredfordshire Cheering Voluntering awards night. Photo by Joanna Cross
Natasha Rowe performed at the Central Bredfordshire Cheering Voluntering awards night. Photo by Joanna Cross

A young singer and guitarist impressed guests at the Grove Theatre at the Central Bedfordshire Cheering Volunteering awards and celebration evening.

Natasha Rowe, a health and social care student at Central Bedfordshire College in Dunstable, was inspired to take part in the event after she spoke with councillor Carole Hegley during a work placement at the council.

She said: “Through my work placement I was able to meet councillor Hegley to discuss the Children in Care Council and this is where I was given the opportunity to sing at the Cheering Volunteering awards evening.

“The event itself was amazing. I was so nervous but I loved every minute of it, being able to sing for people who give back to the community; it meant a lot to me to be able to take part.

“I met some really lovely people at this event as well and had a few different people contact me to tell me how good I was, which was really lovely to hear.”

The 100-hour work placement took place with the council’s Participation Officer, Marie Short, who works with the Children in Care Council.

Natasha completed the first year of her health and social care course with a distinction.

She added: “Throughout the placement I have participated and planned many different projects and activities.

“Things such as planning and running the ASYE training day [for newly qualified social workers]; consultation work with councillors and young people about The Pledge; attended Public Health and leisure meetings and supported activity-based participation.

“I have learnt so much including: how to communicate with others in a professional and polite way; how to engage young people positively and managing emotions.

“I have had lots of fun and been busy with all the work I have participated in and I am glad I got to do my work placement with Marie.”

Councillor Hegley said: “Sometimes we are just in the right place at the right time to help someone and I am glad that Natasha has got so much out of her work placement here.

“It has definitely been great for the council and we hope to offer more young people the chance to complete work placements or work experience here.”