Supporting The Lullaby trust in memory of Bria


A Houghton Regis mum is organising a fundraiser to raise money for The Lullaby Trust in memory of her daughter.

Lily Sansom is organising the special event at St Vincent’s Social Centre in Houghton Regis on Saturday, November 11, to celebrate her daughter’s life. Bria was 14 months old when she passed away in her sleep on January, 28, 2015.

Lily said: “How was it possible that 12 hours previously she had gone to bed happy, smiley and drank her bottle just as she always did, there were no warning signs, no major illness other than a slight cold, no reasons to ever imagine she could just die in her sleep, but that’s what happened, her little body at 14 months old had just given up for no reason.

“No cause of death was found so Bria died of Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood (SIDS/SUDIC) which is the older version of cot death.

“The one thing I promised her I will do is never let anyone forget her, I will strive to keep her memory alive, as long as my heart is beating there is a part of her heart beating too.

“I don’t want the pain of losing her to outweigh my gratitude for her short but beautiful life and I’m so thankful that I did get the pleasure of being her mummy.”

Since her daughter’s tragic death Lily has been raising awareness of SIDS/SUDIC by speaking with other parents and spreading the word on social media about safer sleeping.

On what would have been Bria’s fourth birthday Lily is inviting everyone to the fundraiser from 12pm till 4pm, to remember her daughter’s life and raise awareness for The Lullaby Trust.

She said: “The Lullaby Trust raises awareness of SIDS, provide expert advice on safer sleep for babies and offers emotional support for bereaved families. I am hoping to raise as much money as I can for a charity very close to my heart.

“On the day we will have a lot going on including a bouncy castle, face painting, a cake and bake sale, a raffle, a tombola and a princess meet and greet.

“I am hoping to have a balloon release with Bria’s baby brother, 20 month old Kobe, as the special guest. My son and only other child has been instrumental in my ways of coping with the loss of Bria but my heart will never be healed from her loss.”

If anyone would like to donate a raffle prize or make a donation of any kind, they can contact Lily on

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