Tackling those difficult questions

Helen Legh and daughter Matilda
Helen Legh and daughter Matilda

When you’ve been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, how do you talk to your five-year-old daughter about the future?

And when your job is presenting a religious slot on Sunday morning radio, how does your own faith hold up?

These are two of the difficult questions popular BBC 3CR personality Helen Legh tackles on the BBC1 East of England programme Inside Out on Monday (February 29) at 7.30pm.

Programme presenter Sophie Sulehria said: “Helen’s always been impartial, on air, about her beliefs.

“But after discovering she had incurable brain cancer, she decided to look deeper into the subject and work towards reconciling faith and death.

“This is hard for anyone, especially someone who knows they are going to die.

“But Helen’s reason was admirable – it was all for her young daughter Matilda.

“She wants to know what to say when Matilda starts asking the more difficult questions about their future together.”

Sophie – who’s Helen’s friend as well as her colleague – says the former Vandyke Upper student who now lives in Bletchley is the most honest, open person she knows.

She added: “Watching her make this film has been incredible. At times it felt impossible asking some of the questions. She’s had to deal with a variety of treatments, including open head surgery. She knows the prognosis.

“But her strength and courage is amazing. She’s taken it in her stride and dealt with it all so bravely.”