Tea parties for lonely oldies

Joan Godfrey of Contact the Elderly in Dunstable
Joan Godfrey of Contact the Elderly in Dunstable

Contact the Elderly is an award-winning scheme that’s aimed at combating loneliness in the older generation.

It’s directed at people over 75 who live alone and don’t get out much. They’re invited to free monthly tea parties on a Sunday and are taken there and back by the same volunteer driver who can give them a hand getting out and about, brightening up their Sunday.

Joan Godfrey of Buckwood Avenue in Dunstable regularly hosts Contact the Elderly events and says she finds them very rewarding: “I enjoy baking and entertaining, so it’s ideal for me.

“I’m also a reserve driver in case any of the regular drivers are unavailable.”

Now the group is looking for more volunteer hosts and drivers.

Joan explains: “Hosts are required to have no more than a couple of steps to access the property and have downstairs toilet facilities.

“The tea parties are usually small groups and – including the drivers – consist of about 10 to 12 people.

“All volunteer drivers have DBS checks to ensure safety and there’s a simple application process.”

> Call 0800 716 543 or visit www.contact-the-elderly.og.uk