Terror accused ‘plotted attack on US military’

Police guard the door of Khan's address in Marlow Avenue, Luton
Police guard the door of Khan's address in Marlow Avenue, Luton

A Luton man who has been charged with terror offences was allegedly planning to attack US military based in the UK, it has emerged.

Junead Ahmed Khan, 24 and his uncle Shazib Ahmed Khan, 22, were both remanded into custody when they appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday– a week after the pair were arrested at their Marlow Avenue home.

Both are suspected to have been plotting to travel to Syria to join Islamic State, while Junead Ahmed Khan is also accused of planning a terror attack.

Possible targets include RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, which hosts more than 5,000 US Air Force personnel.

An Independence Day celebration at the base was cancelled on July 4 over heightened security fears.

A RAF Lakenheath spokesperson said: “We can confirm this is why the event was cancelled.

“However we cannot discuss details while the investigation is ongoing.

“Authorities from the UK and US, both military and civilian, will work together continually when addressing security concerns.”

Junead Ahmed Khan and Shazib Ahmed will appear before the Old Bailey on August 10.

Another Luton man, who was arrested at his home on Vestry Close on July 14, has been released without charge.

Deborah Walsh from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “We have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to charge Junead Khan and Shazib Khan with the intention of committing acts of terrorism.

“It is alleged that Junead Khan and Shazib Khan had been planning on travelling to Syria to join the proscribed organisation Islamic State in Levant (ISIL).”

Ms Walsh added: “It is further alleged that Junead Khan was planning a terrorist attack on US military personnel in the UK and he has been charged with an additional terrorism offence to reflect this.”