Top musicians and Drumin2 make lessons for lower income Dunstable families

A popular drum teacher recommended by the likes of Steve White is pioneering a new project to help lower income Dunstable families.

Thursday, 5th April 2018, 12:17 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th April 2018, 12:20 pm
Ian Bee. Credit: A Harbron, ADH Photos.
Ian Bee. Credit: A Harbron, ADH Photos.

Ian Bee, based a short drive away in Toddington, is offering cheap music lessons from his new Bedfordshire base.

However, as well as gaining students faster than you can play ‘Wipe Out’, Ian is also launching a website called Drumin2, so as budding musicians who can’t afford tutorial sessions can learn online.

Ian said: “I’m launching a drum website for families on lower incomes so they have access to top educational material. I’m doing the project on my own as it were, and the people ‘involved’ are professional drummers, contributing videos and interviews.

“We have Steve White [drummer for Paul Weller], Colin Woolway, Russ Gilbrook, Lloyd Ryan, Pete Cater, Vince Dunn, Paul Elliott and Elliot Henshaw - these names will mean a lot to drummers!”

Ian first became passionate about the instrument when his father, who was in a band with work mates, brought home a drum kit, and a young Ian was “bowled over!”

Fast forward 40 years, and Ian’s artist roster includes Craig David, Dido, and The Bachelors, while he has played for many theatre productions, including Spamalot when he had to stand in last minute!

“I had about two hours before the show started - luckily, I’m a Python fan!” laughed Ian.

The drum teacher, who met his website contributors via the music scene, admits that he’s a good tutor because he’s “a big kid” himself.

Ian said: “It’s not about beating the hell out of it - you can get RSI and cramps!

“It’s about stick control and learning to move the same way as your joints, so it flows.”

Lessons with Ian:

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