Tories swoop to victory in Dunstable by-elections

Dunstable Town Council offices
Dunstable Town Council offices

The Conservatives enjoyed a successful round of by-election results for Dunstable Town Council last week – winning all three seats.

Johnson Tamara, Philip Crawley and Mike Mullany were elected as councillors for Northfields, Manshead and Watling wards respectively.

The final counts were:


Labour - 445

Conservative - 456

Lib Dem - 57

UKIP - 119

MANSHEAD (18.33%)

Labour - 284

Conservative - 347

Lib Dem - 68

WATLING (19.75%)

Labour - 362

Conservative - 1027

Lib Dem - 99

South West Beds Conservative Association chairman Cllr Carole Hegley said: “We are delighted to have had local support for our three Conservative candidates in Manshead, Watling and Northfields wards and that all three were successful in winning their seats.

“We tried in all wards to canvas and meet residents where possible, and we thank our team of helpers for their hard work. We feel we have offered three candidates who are committed to serving on the town council and who will make a positive contribution on behalf of local residents.”

South West Beds MP Andrew Selous told the Gazette he was thrilled at the result and said: “I think it’s just a welcome level of diversity and I’m delighted by the wins. It was a hard-fought contest with the Labour Party.”

Dunstable and Houghton Regis Labour Party stated: “We are a united, people-powered movement and we will continue to work hard to ensure that Central Beds, Dunstable and Houghton Regis Councils are utilising their funds and resources to benefit all areas of our communities.”

The next councillors’ surgery takes place on Saturday, March 3, at the Quadrant between 10am and 12noon.