Tory council candidate for Houghton Regis suspended over Islamophobia row

Cllr David Abbott
Cllr David Abbott

A Conservative candidate in the upcoming Central Beds Council and Houghton Regis Town Council elections has been suspended from the party over comments made about Islam on a Facebook page supporting Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Cllr David Abbott currently sits as an independent on Houghton Regis Town Council but had chosen to stand as a Conservative in May.

In some of his online comments, Cllr Abbott refers to “Mohammedans” who “breed for Islam”, and said caucasian couples were not having enough children to keep “the status quo”.

He also stated: “Moslems are commanded to do everything in their power, including killing, to rid the world of every person who does not follow Islam.”

A Conservative spokesman said: “Discrimination or abuse of any kind is wrong. When CCHQ has been made aware of the small number of such cases we have acted swiftly, suspending members and launching immediate investigations, in sharp contrast to other parties.”

Cllr Abbott has been approached for comment.