Tracy has come on 
leaps and bounds

L12-973    2/8/12'Tracy Davis is doing a skydive for charity.'wk 32 RR JX
L12-973 2/8/12'Tracy Davis is doing a skydive for charity.'wk 32 RR JX

A YOUNG woman from Houghton Regis who once feared she would be paralysed by her severe back condition, is set to jump out of a plane to help others with the same problem.

Tracy Davis was 13 when she was diagnosed with scoliosis – a curvature of the spine – and wore a back brace for a year before undergoing surgery in 2003.

Tracy, of Melton Walk, has had a metal rod installed to correct three curves in her back.

She said: “I remember waking up in intensive care and making sure I could move my legs again as there was a slim chance I could end up paralysed from the operation.”

But thanks to her incredible recovery, on September 1 she will take part in a charity sky dive in aid of the Scoliosis Association.

“I think people should be more aware of it and hopefully the quicker people notice, the less that will need surgery.

“I know a lot of people do things like this, but I thought I’d never be able to go on rollercoasters again, let alone freefall from the sky!”

Tracy’s fundraising target was originally £395 but thanks to an overwhelming response to her inspirational story she has raised the bar to £700.

Three to five people out of every 1,000 will develop scoliosis, some as babies, some as teenagers.

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