Icy condition on road led to fatal crash for Linslade barber

Nadeem's barber shop in Linslade
Nadeem's barber shop in Linslade

Icy conditions were the reason a man died in a road accident in Kensworth earlier this year.

An inquest heard that Nadeem Younas, a Linslade barber, lost control of his Nissan Micra on Whipsnade Road, before colliding with an oncoming lorry on Tuesday, February 17.

The collision occurred opposite the Dunstable Downs Visitor Centre. Mr Younas, 40, owner of Deen Barbers of Wing Road, died at around 8.30am. The lorry driver received minor injuries.

Dr Levine from Luton and Dunstable Hospital ruled the death was due to multiple traumatic injuries.

A witness of the crash who was on his way to the London Gliding Club, David Bullock, said the conditions were icy on the road. He said: “There was a bit of frost on the verge but not much. I was travelling at about 50-55mph and he was travelling about the same as me.

“As the Micra was negotiating the bend at the top of the hill it started to skid, the driver over corrected and went back to the left and then back to the right and he ended up in the opposite carriage way.

“There was a truck coming up and he tried to avoid the Micra but he wasn’t able to. He hit the Micra. I stopped and got out. I went over to the Micra and tried to help but his eyes and mouth were open and there were no signs of life and no response from him. The car was half the width it should have been.”

Visibility was good and the road had been gritted the night before in preparation for the frosty conditions.

Senior Coroner Tom Osborne said: “I accept the medical cause of death that he died of multiple traumatic injuries. There can be no criticism of Mr Younas’ driving on that particular morning.

“It was probably something with would have caught out the majority of drivers and it was pure chance that he lost control on a patch of ice and at the same time coming in the opposite direction there was a lorry.”

Mr Younas left behind two children, a boy and a girl.