OAP crash victim ‘mugged of pension’ moments before fatal collision

Melissa Jarvis gave the injured man CPR
Melissa Jarvis gave the injured man CPR

An OAP died in a car crash just minutes after being mugged of his pension money, it is believed.

Police were called at 12.04pm on Monday to reports that an elderly couple had been badly injured after a car collided with a wall on Edward Street, Dunstable.

The scene of the collision on Edward Street

The scene of the collision on Edward Street

Moments before the crash the male driver and his partner were approached by two women in Albion Street, who asked them for directions before stealing hundreds of pounds from them.

Shortly after the collision on Edward Street the elderly man died.

Melissa Jarvis, 31, heard the crash from her home on Edward Street and rushed out to find the elderly couple badly injured.

Melissa, a healthcare assistant at the L&D, helped a woman from the car and then returned to the vehicle to help the male driver.

The scene of the collision on Edward Street

The scene of the collision on Edward Street

She gave the man, said to be in his late 70s, CPR before paramedics and police arrived on the scene.

The 31-year-old comforted the elderly woman as she was told by a doctor that her partner had died.

Melissa exclusively told the Gazette: “About 12 o’clock I went into my living room and heard a mighty bang.

“I saw the car and managed to get the lady out, then I called 999.

“The man was in and out of consciousness, I went over to him and told him that that I’d called for an ambulance.”

Melissa then reclined the driver’s seat back so she could give the man CPR.

She said: “He had a fast pulse but then I couldn’t find one.

“Around ten minutes later the paramedics turned up and a police officer got the man out of the car.

“The woman was in alot of shock, I heard her say to another lady that they had just had £360 in pension money taken from them.

“As I was trying to reassure her a doctor came over and told her that there was nothing else they could do for her partner.”

Melissa added: “It was really awful, my heart pours for this lady.

“It was a real shock for me and I knew I couldn’t leave without helping.

“It’s a real tragedy that this lady was mugged and then lost her partner.”

The two mugging suspects are described as Asian, in their 20s or 30s, who were both wearing light-coloured long tops with blue patterns on them.

The victim’s next of kin have been informed.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact police on 101.