Unhappy resident wants council to enforce weight limit in Kensworth

Kensworth. Photo from Google Maps
Kensworth. Photo from Google Maps

A woman is calling for Central Bedfordshire Council to enforce the 7.5 weight limit in Kensworth.

Margaret Blackwell, a volunteer for Speed Watch, has sent several emails to the council about vehicles, over the restricted weight limit, travelling through the village.

She said: “Since I do speedwatch in the village I believe that any lorries we see should be flagged up to the council. I followed a Mark Cross Ltd vehicle, along from Ivinghoe and then up Bison Hill past the zoo and through Kensworth. On doing speedwatch we once counted seven lorries driving through!”

She has also emailed Tim Oxley, Senior Road Safety Officer for Highways at Central Bedfordshire Council, about the issue. Email received from Tim said: “Certain vehicles have exemptions and can travel through the area. These exemptions can be found on our website. The only authority to enforce the restriction is the police, and the offence is one of found committing therefore even if we submit photos or video evidence it can not be acted upon.”

She added: “All the money spent on the bypass seems pointless if the weight restrictions in the villages are not enforced, it is ridiculous.”

A council spokesman said: “HGV weight-limit restriction zones are important to us, which is why we have put them in place. We do undertake operations with the police to help enforce such restrictions.

“The legislation allows lorries to enter a zone in order to still access local businesses for deliveries, or for driver training. Please be assured that we do collate details of lorries that are seen in a restricted area and reported to us, and we will go to speak to their businesses to check compliance with the weight-limit zones.”